Blouse Ready Paper Cutting

Blouse Ready paper cuttings is one of the innovative books written by Dilip Karampuri Sir. This book is the most useful to the user as they can easily attain perfect fitting. We are in a generation where things have become very easy to do we all love to do things available in the market are instant and easy to use products. Lives in today?s times are very fast and we all have to do different things in very less time. So keeping this in mind about the women who are working as well as looking after their homes Dilip Karampuri Sir has published his new book on blouse Ready paper cuttings. This book includes 40 inches chest size Half katori Blouse full katori Blouse, Madras katori Blouse, 2 piece katori Blouse and Princess line Blouse are the five types of Blouse are included in all 8 different sixes. Detailed instructions are provided in the paper cuttings these paper cuttings are very easy to use. One can directly cut the blouse diagram by editing the length of the blouse and the required for front back neckline. One can take any front neckline required like square; round or ?V? neckline and the back can be mad fashionable according to requirement and can use any neckline for back. The layout on the cloth of this blouse is also provided on the paper cuttings. The most novel feature of this book is that this book is available in 8 different languages included in a single book. The languages are English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Urdu. And Gujrati By using this book the user can directly cut the pattern on the cloth according to the chest size and stitch the blouse. There are eight sheets of paper cuttings included in the book and each paper cuttings has instructions in one of eight languages. In this similar fashion all eight languages are included in the book. By using this book the user can stitch different patterns of Blouses. One can take customers orders and increase the speed and perfection of stitching designer Blouses. This book is easy to understand and also very low priced so it is most feasible for all classes of people.

Punjabi Dress Ready Paper Cutting

This new book is the latest addition by Liberty Publications in their different stitching books. As now we live in a generation which is very fast paced, and we all want to do many things in very little span of time. So Dilip Karampuri Sir has even made everything easier for these women who can directly use these paper cuttings and get perfect fitting in any of the garments they stitch. The book includes ten open front-back neckline tops, semi patiyala, full patiyala salwar, plain umbrella top, full umbrella top, Anarkali top, Princess-line top, ten back close neck tops, ( fitting top) ten chudidar, 10 salwar, different fashions of sleeves. Any of the sleeves or necklines can be used for any kamiz, can be altered accordingly. With this book there a colored catalog provided. This colored catalog has 180 fashions of different front neckline patterns, 90 back neckline patterns and 90 exclusive sleeve feature of this book is that this book is available in 8 different language namely English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Urdu. and Gujrati. The books available with 40 ready paper cuttings of dresses that are from 26 inches chest size to 44 inches chest size. The printing is done of back to back sides of the page. So it is easy to use. The user can directly trace the required kamiz or salwar or chudidar size and cut accordingly. The user to preserve these cuttings for lifetime can trace all these designs on a thick fabric like resin and cut and use whenever required. As this catlog, provided with 360 images of coloureful designs of front, back necklines and sleeves. There is no need to do paper cutting as it is lengthy procedure. So when one knows the chest a top or kamiz. For the salwar or chudidar just the hips measurement is required then one can cut the clothe instantly. So the lengthy process of drafting is not required and directly garment.  The book is available at reasonable price.

Mix Blouse & Punjabi Dress

This is a new book by Dilip Karampuri Sir. This book has both blouse and Punjabi dress theory. This book is a more updated version of blouse specialist and Punjabi specialist books. The book is made in to two sections. First section is of Punjabi dress. In the blouse section designer blouse are included. The words and language used in the book is very simple and easy to understand. Proper step by step instructions are provided for easy understanding. Clear and neat diagrams are shown where ever necessary. How to directly cut the blouse on the cloth is included. Designer blouses like spaghetti blouses, Princess cut blouses, and also how to put side chain is included in the back are shown like mat patterns, different designs of mat patterns, and even back open method of blouse is included. 3 sheets of colored blouse catalog for blouse are given.

In the next section of the book, description of Punjabi dress is given. The theory is made very easy and can be easily understood. Latest patterns of Punjabi dress are included like Anarkali top, Lucknowi top, kalis in lucknowi top, overlap tops, How exactly to put chain at the back of dress. How to stitch, half jacket or full jacket. These are included in the book. Easy language and step by step instructions with neat and clean diagrams is the unique feature of these boos.

Punjabi Dress

The first edition of the Punjabi specialist book was published in the year 2000 and this year in 2011 its 11th edition is published. Now a day?s Punjabi suit is the garment most worn by women. Punjabi suits are worn by small girls to elderly ladies. Punjabi suits are easy to wear garments and are even popular among ladies of all age groups and communities. So this book gives easy instruction on stitching Punjabi suits. Length of cloth needed for stitching plain Punjabi suits and other patterns of Punjabi dresses like A line umbrella top etc. is given in the book But the cloth required  will vary from person to person as the sizes are different. Taking body measurements is an important segment of getting perfect fitting garments. The book shows how to take accurate body measurements. A person can also take measurements from an old salwar, chudidar or kamiz How to take proper measurements from old garments is also included in the book. A standard measurements chart is provided for kamiz. Salwar, patyala and chudidar. But as given in the standard measurement chart the length of the kamiz, length of the sleeves depth of the front neck as well as back neck can be taken according to requirements. If one needs to stitch both side ( back and front) open neckline then the shoulder measurements need not be taken. The standard measurement chart provided is for reference and changes can be made according to requirement. The different patterns of kamiz included in the book open neck kurta, Princess-line kurta, kurta having 4 kalis, Anarkali kurta Lukhnowi  kurta, Lukhnowi kurta with kali, Overlap kurta. Types of sleeves include puff sleeves, bangle sleeves, rangler sleeves, bell sleeves mega sleeves

(2 types) etc. in the book the book is updated according to the fashion industry. Easy to understand language and neat diagrams so the user does not get confused while using the book. This is the main objective of the book. If the person follows the instructions given in the book properly then the person can easily master the sewing skill and can confidently make beautiful patterns. Diagrams are provided on both the pages. These diagrams can be easily understood and are not complicated. Step by step stitching of 8 different necklines is given for the user. These other necklines can be easily used according to the neck depth required. Various types of collars are added in the book. The book proves useful for working women who cannot give time to attend classes. As the fashions are changing day by day the patterns given in the book are the once which will never go out of fashion and changes can be made according to requirement. Lace can be added, embroidery can be done, pleats or gathers can be added, collar can be put which sleeve neckline can be put to make any simple attractive. With this book ready paper cutting of 9 chest sizes is provided. The sizes are 28 chest sizes to 44 chest size. A colorful neckline Catalog is also included in the book.

The paper cuttings provided can be easily traced on the cloth and stitched Minor changes like length of kurta, length of sleeves, neck depth can be taken according to requirement. In the ready paper cuttings kurta, sleeves, salwar and chudidar draftings are provided. The instructions given on the paper cuttings are in languages English, Hindi, and Marathi. The Punjabi specialist book is available in the following languages English, Hindi, Marathi, and Gujrati.

Blouse Specialist

Blouse specialization is one of the first books published by Liberty Publication. The first edition was published in October 2000. This book is very useful to everyone as it gives step by step instructions for having a perfect fitting. Blouse is the only garment which has the most body fitting. The fitting is mostly depended on the properties of the cloth. Properties of the cloth means how much stretchable the cloth is or not when the person understands the properties of the cloth he/she can stitch any kind of blouse with ease. Instructions on taking body measurement and also how to take measurement from an old stitched blouse to stitch a new blouse. A standard measurement chart is inclined cloth required for stitching blouse is given like for chest size 32 inches 70 cms cloth is required, for chest size 38 around 85 cms of cloth is required. But if the length of the blouse and sleeves is more than the cloth required would be more by around 10 cms. So the requirement f the cloth will depend on the pattern of the blouse. Types of blouses like half katori front back open neckline, half katori (back closed neck), plain blouse (without yoke), full katori (one piece) full katori (two piece), Madras katori blouse are included in the book. How to alter an old blouse according to requirement is also given in the book. Different types of sleeves like mutton chop sleeves, centre gathered sleeve etc. Mega sleeves (one piece) Mega sleeves (tow piece) sleeveless, high neck blouse, stand collar blouse, blouse are included in the book. The instructions given in the book are easy to understand and simple. Proper and neat diagrams at every step make the user easily understand each process. Readymade paper cuttings those are very much important for the user. According to personal measurements just add back neck line depth, what even required and trace on cloth and cut the cloth. Joining of the blouse at each step is given in the book. 18 different readymade paper cuttings having 28 inch to 42 inch chest with perfect  fitting for half katori, full katori and two piece katori. Method for putting piping is included. Instructions for stitching 8 necklines are given in the book. And other wise 30 necklines are shown in the book. Different patterns in the back like bow pattern, mat pattern etc. In the paper cuttings provided, the margins are already are there on the patterns, no need to take extra margin. All the paper cuttings given in the sheets are according to the standard measurement chart. If the chest measurement is the same as given here, however if slight changes in length or neck or waist or sleeve width or sleeve length, then adjustments can be made accordingly. If the paper cutting of back neck has round shape than any design can be used while marking and then cut the cloth. For all the type of blouses like half katori the back, sleeve and yoke will be the same. This book is available in Marathi, Hindi, and English language.

Top & Hipsters

This is the first book which gives detailed information on stitching fashionable tops worn on jeans, shorts, skirts, dungarees. These tops can be converted in to designer Kurtis by increasing the length as required and can be worn on salwars, patiyalas or hipsters. The book includes the following garments 6 hipsters, 8 simple tops, 5 rangler tops, 5 fall neck tops.

   The different types of cloth will give different fall or feel. How to choose a cloth for any top or hipster. The properties of the cloth are given and how exactly the cloth should be cut to get the perfect fitting. Also how important it is to take body measurement to get the perfect fitting is given in the book. The book includes a standard measurement chart for both tops and Hipsters, also a table which has ?, 1/3rd ,1/4th , 1/5th, 1/6th and 1/10th  measurement of all the sizes E.g. 36 is the chest than ? = 18, 1/3rd  = 12 , 1/4th  = 9, 1/5th  = 7.25 , 1/6th  = 6, 1/10th  = 3.5

   Various  types of tops are included in the book like plain fitting top, front back both side open neck top, plain rangler top, and many more around 23 different latest patterns of tops. 6 types of different sleeves like over lap, transparent, umbrella, etc. Types of collars, like safari collar, stand collar, etc. Different types of bottoms like hipsters, salwar, patiyala etc. Useful tips are given in the book for the assistance of the user. These tips solve the problems and if the instructions are followed properly then the user can get perfect fitting of the garments and can create varied types of designer patterns on the garments. The user can make use of strings to make different kinds of fashionable patterns on the sleeves or neckline.

    Figures are provided with the written matter which is very easy to understand. Language used is very simple which is useful even for the beginners. With this book there are 24 ready paper cuttings which can be traced and directly used on the cloth. In these paper cuttings there are various, hipster?s simple tops, ranger tops and fall neck tops are included. Any neckline or any sleeve can be used for any top. The top can be of desired length and can be worn on hipsters, salwar, patiyala, etc. Different types of latest neck lines or neck patterns are given in the book. Different types of yokes as well as how the yokes are stitched is given us the book. Detail information on sponge work and thread work on the yoke is also given. This book is available in Marathi.


This is the first book which gives detailed information on stitching gowns. The book contains 13 different types of gowns. Eg: Plain gown, gown with yoke, princess line gown etc. Different types of sleeves like puff sleeve, rangler sleeves. Different types of yokes. How to join the lace to the gown, how to make piping on the gown. Book has easy language for easy understanding. Figures are accurate and every step is shown in figures. Small and effective steps are provided in the book, which are very useful to the user.

   The book also gives details about how to take body measurement for stitching gown as well as how to directly take measurement on the gown to stitch another gown. Standard measurement chart is provided for adults and kids for gowns, tops and pajamas. Also how much cloth is required for which type of pattern for both adults and kids. The layout on the cloth is also included. This book is very useful to everyone even if a person wants to stitch for self and even when anyone wants take it up as a business. And take wholesale stitching orders.  

   Various patterns are shown in the book like; taking pleats or gathers at the neckline, piping on the neckline, front open gown. Figures are accurately shown. Step by step figures are given so as to understand how to proceed next. Stitching sari petticoat, plain and kali petticoat. How to join frill is also given. Open collar apron, plain top with yoke, mega sleeves top, kaftan gown. Pajamas are also included in the book. Various types of pockets like patch and concealed pockets are included. The first edition of this book was published in 2003. This book is available in Marathi. This book provides useful information for both beginners as well as experienced sewers.

Fashion Sketch Book

The Basic Fashion sketch was published in April 2009. This book is a must have sketch book for every fashion Design student. This book is one of the few books available in Marathi as well as English. Both languages are in a single book. The book includes introduction to basic tools used for sketching like pencil, scale, procircle etc. Elements and principles of Design, are included in the book, Elements of Design like line, shape, value, Color and Texture are explained in detail with the help of examples. Principles of design like repetition, Gradation, rhythm, radiation, balance and unity are also in duded with the help of useful examples and diagrams. Different types of draping details, pleats, cascade, ruffles etc. Different types of fashionable neck line likes cowl, Sabrina, scalloped, horse shoe, sweetheart and more around 24 necklines. 30 different types of collers, and 35 different patterns of sleeves. Different length of sleeves as well as skirts is included How to draw different types of cuffs and pockets to make designer wear patterns. There are various types of trousers in various different sizes. Different types of waist bands and bow are included. How to draw facial features like eyes, lips, nose, hairstyles and legs also how to draw hands and feet is included in the book. How to draw mechanical croquis, fleshing of the croquis with feet together, feet apart. And the positioning of each, how each and every position of the all the body parts like head, neck, shoulder, waist, hip, knee, ankle and foot. Pencil shading of the croquis with how the light effect will fall on body parts and how to do shading and blending properly. Stitching new and beautiful garments has of course become the need of the day but before stitching or before finishing the garment how the finished product will look after stitching different patters and textures can also be used to make or create beautiful garments. Also when we are designing garments on the croquis we can in corporate various colour combinations and make use of various different garment construction techniques. So we can understand which color combinations and which pattern is the most suitable and how the fall will be after wearing the garment. This process is very easy of making different croquis instead of stitching different garments with different color combinations. Also designing croquis, while taking stitching orders from customers will also prove helpful. So one can directly look at the cloth and can design on the croqui by considering the requirements and by also adding your on inputs. So in this way the confidence of the designer will increase and the customer will also be more satisfied. So this book will prove very helpful to all the aspiring fashion designers. The designers can also work as freelancers and can also open their own boutique, start own classes for various fashion design courses and also for sketching.  .

Neck Shapes

The First edition of the Neck shapes book was published in April 2002. This book contains 104 designs of neck patterns. The book includes all the steps like cutting the neckline on the cloth, cutting the facing, stitching the facing and canvas with running stitch by hand. These figures are very helpful and give a step by step process of stitching the neckline.

   The written matter is just bellow the diagram for simple understanding small tips are given in the book of 2 or 3 sentences which are very useful to the readers. These tips solve the problems faced by the reader while stitching necklines, so that by following the instructions any person can stitch the neckline perfectly. The neckline has to be Xeroxed and then cut, which ever required. So the book can be taken according to requirement. In the book the neck depth of 7.5,?7?, ?6.5?, ?6? is shown. These necklines can be used for various garments like Punjabi dresses, kurtis, tops, gowns, blouses, etc.

   Also necklines for kids are given in the later Section of the book. 24 types of different necklines are given us the kids section. There are varied neck depths which can be taken according to requirement. The neck depths are 5 ?4.5 ?and 4 ?. These neck designs can be used for frocks, tops, etc in kids wear. The neck shapes in the book are made for perfect fitting and can be used for small or big necklines as desired. These neck shapes are the most useful while stitching any women?s wear garment. These books are available in two languages English and Marathi. The first edition of this book was published in April 2002. Neck shapes book was published in August 2010


Now-a-days many variety of kids wear readymade is available. But the cost is very high and patterns and color combination will not be according to liking. Frocks and skirts are an eternal part of the kid?s garments and will never go out of fashion. Tailors generally do not stitch frocks and so people generally buy ready made frocks or skirts. So Dilip Karampuri Sir has written a detailed book on frocks which is in 2 parts.

1. Ready paper cutting 2. Ready Theory.

Ready Paper Cutting

The ready paper cuttings book was first published in November 2002. The paper cuttings are for sixes 18 chest size to 32 chest size. These patterns on the paper cuttings can be easily traced and used. Different types of patterns for the yoke, collars and sleeves are included in the book. The user by using this book can stitch many patterns by using any yoke, sleeve or collar any where as required. The length of the frock can also be taken according to requirement. This book is very useful for women who can stitch but cannot cut the desired patterns. By using this book women can start their own business of stitching frocks. Or can also take orders for stitching frocks, skirts or even night dress by the customer. This book is available in English and Marathi. Detailed instructions are provided on the paper cuttings for easy understanding. This helps the user to exactly know how and where to stitch the cut pieces or join the pieces together.

Ready Theory

The second part of the book is on ready theory of the book. This book helps the user to stitch kids garment with any given measurement. This book helps the user to make many patterns like Baby frock with yoke, back open, frock with frill, gathered skirt, different type of pleats, different types of sleeves like puff, gathered sleeve, bell sleeves, etc. Different types of collars like roll collar, stand collar, etc. Diagrams are given and each diagram is marked for easy understanding. Instructions are given under the diagrams and after cutting how to stitch each piece is also in clouded in the book. This book is available in Marathi language..