While successfully running Liberty Institute. Dilip karampuri Sir has written the following books;

* Punjabi Specialist,
* Blouse Specialist,
* Gowns,
* Neck Shapes,
* Frocks,
* Tops and Hipsters,
* Mix Blouse and Punjabi (Theory),
* Blouse Ready Paper Cuttings,
* Punjabi Dress Ready Paper Cuttings.

These books are famous throughout India and Abroad, and have added in the popularity of Dilip karampuri sir and Liberty Institute.

Tailoring or stitching is a very delicate field which is a little difficult to learn from books. But this Hurdle was over come by Dilip sir’s books. There are many working woman who due to their hectic work Schedule are not able to attend classes hence these books prove very helpful to these working women.

Liberty publications has published Blouse specialization, Punjabi dress specialization, Gown, Frocks and neck shapes which has ready paper cuttings which are very reasonably priced.

The main objective of these books is to provide information about latest fashionable garments to all the people. These fashion design books are not complicated like other books available in markets stitching in a very short span of time Figures are given on both the sides of the book. The figures are explained in detail in a very easy manner. A Standard measurement chart is provided to get the perfect fitting. Due to the easy to understand language and ready paper cuttings provided in the book the confidence level of the beginners increases. The popularity of the books skyrocketed in a very short period of time. The increasing popularity of the books is due to the perfect professional fitting and the standard measurements ready paper cuttings in the book. Due to the increasing demand The Ready paper cuttings book set is available in 8 languages namely English. Marathi, Hindi, Gujrati, kannad, Telugu, Tamil, and Urdu. Seminar on latest fashion cuttings is organized for needy women, less educated women and for women who run their own business from their house. The seminar is conducted for two days, first day (for four hours) latest Punjabi dresses 15 to 20 patterns cutting and stitching information is given through the projector Many new fashions are taught and all the queries of the students are solved. By the end of the seminar 3 to 4 Punjabi dresses of latest fashions are cut and shown to the audience. In the same way the second day different types and patterns of blouses are shown. Proper guidance is given to all the women on how to make their existing business more profitable.